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Jason's Red Tree Print

Jason's Red Tree Print

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When Jason moved into Community First! Village he quickly discovered that home was a place where he longed to feel safe, start anew and lay down roots. The red tree specifically signifies growth out of darkness and into the light but the most meaningful detail of this piece to Jason are the roots. Roots by nature are almost always hidden but Jason painted these completely exposed. The exposed roots represent openness and the beginning of laying down a foundation in a place where he feels he doesn’t need to hide. 

With the purchase of these quality 11x14 Fine Art Prints, not only are you helping our artists earn a dignified income, but by inviting their work to be displayed in your home, you are bringing yet another semblance of dignity to our neighbors by affirming their God-given abilities as gifted artists who create beautiful, unique pieces.

Each of the 25 prints available in this First Edition is signed and numbered by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. We will ship each print in sequence and discontinue the First Edition once all 25 prints have been sold.


    • 11"x14"
    • Paper: Velvet Fine Art Paper (100% cotton rag, buffered, and acid-free paper coated with the popular Enhanced Matte coating)
    • Printer: Epson SureColor P7000
    • Ink: UltraChrome HD Pigment
    • Exceptional color gamut and high D-max

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