Welcome to Our Online Shop - Supporting the Most Talked About Neighborhood in Austin

We believe Goodness is love in action and is something everyone across every community recognizes when they experience it. Everything in this online store is designed to promote Goodness in our world. Your purchase of our products directly supports the mission of Mobile Loaves & Fishes and the neighbors living in Community First! Village.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes is a social outreach ministry in Austin, Texas that empowers communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless. We are serving goodness every day to the homeless men and women suffering on the streets of Austin as well as our formerly homeless neighbors living in Community First! Village. The Village is a 51-acre master planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for men and women who are coming out of chronic homelessness.

Goodness is woven into every product we sell, and we hope that it will be a reminder for you to share your Goodness with those around you!

To learn more, we invite you to visit www.mlf.org.